Since 2007, the fastest, most powerful way to physically change your brain to improve focus, situational awareness, cognitively primed anticipation and to accelerate learning 
and decision making under stress.

“Skills exercised by Combat Brain Training are valuable to all Warfighters and are increasingly critical for coping with complexity on today's battlefields. We encourage our Marines to "Think Fast"; "Improvise, Adapt and Overcome"; "Get inside the enemy's OODA loop"; etc. After going through your training I am convinced that CBT can increase our fitness for Warfighting through improved cognition.”

 - Battalion Intel Officer and Instructor at the Marine Corps Staff College  

This was the best and most effective corporate training for my mental and emotional well being I have ever received.”

Chief Financial Officer

"I was just reacting, not having to think, making putts getting it up and focus is much better.”

 LPGA Golfer 

Break it down ~ Think it thru ~ EXECUTE!©

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