Business Applications

Todays high performing business leaders must excel at critical skills in order to succeed:

  • Focus
  • Critical Decision Making
  • The ability to pull relevant information quickly from massive clouds of incoming data
  • Mental Agility

all in an increasingly stressful environment, which becomes even more difficult as we age.

CBT is the only program that physically changes the brain in just a few hours to improve the foundational mental processes critical to improving these skills.

Consistent results of CBT in any environment, including business and the most stressful - military combat are:

  • Improved focus and attention
  • Faster mental and physical reaction times
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased working memory
  • Better communication
  • Better, faster decisions

CBT can produce these results for individuals, but is even more powerful for teams, since CBT as a team maximizes productivity and improves cross functional communication, delegation and execution.

“Replace the word ‘combat’ with competition, ‘officer’ with manager, ‘soldier’ with front-line worker, ‘enemy’ with rival, and Warfighting becomes a remarkably trenchant management (guide)”

- Mark Fuller, Harvard’s Institute for

 Strategy and Competitiveness, comparing

 business to combat in the foreward

to Gray's Warfighting  Guide for the US

 Marine Corps

This was the best and most effective corporate training for my mental and emotional well being I have ever received.”

– Chief Financial Officer

"This training has more than paid for itself 10 times over" 

- Trader 2 weeks after class

Where do I start? Focus. I previously tended towards short intense bursts of attention and work. I can now focus for longer periods of time without feeling like I need a break – very useful for prolonged design sessions where creativity is interrupted by stalled focus. My ability to focus on tasks longer is more than I ever could have expected - all the distractions go away and I'm not so inclined to be pulled away by a 'shiny object'.  Really amazing you can tell, I'm pretty enthusiastic about MPT and really believe in it - makes it easy to evangelize.”

 - Facilitator, Instructional Designer

“My team (that was in the MPT program) are learning faster and remembering better.”

“Our meetings are much more efficient and we are accomplishing more in less time”

- Corporate CEO

“I think it really helps you to re-focus on the whole as well as the sum of the parts. Reconnects you with the patterns and you begin to make connections much quicker – this also increases confidence in those aspects and you can focus on the gaps – where most mistakes happen – it is a mental integration strategy – sharpens the saw!”

 - Division CEO

“I am able to identify areas that I am not as skilled at so I can focus on improving”

- Corporate Operations Director

“We had our quarterly budget meeting today, which usually runs several hours and everyone hates each other by the time we finish. Today we were done in 90 minutes" and everyone was singing kumbayah! The CEO said it must have been the training so we’d like you to come back and train our customer service and sales departments.”

- Corporate HR Director

“MPT increased my cognitive skills and built my confidence while facilitating a much needed bonding experience among our team.”

- Executive Assistant to CEO

“I recognized immediately the immense possibility the MPT program would have for new leaders. MPT provides the individuals trained with enhanced focus, decision making abilities and confidence at a minimum. The process allows a team to share in a system that transcends itself and can easily become an efficient structure for meetings, conversations and projects.

I highly recommend this innovative program - because not only is it good, its fun!”

- Leadership Consultant

"Before CBT it would often take me several calls to resolve an issue. Usually I would try to make teh initial call as short as possible to get them off the phone so I could figure how how to solve their problem. Now I resolve most issues on the first call." - - Customer Service Rep

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