What is neuroplasticity?

“The discovery that the adult human brain, rather than being fixed or “hard-wired,” can not only change itself but works by changing itself. It is “neuroplastic” – adaptable, changeable, malleable. Neuroplasticity is the property of the brain that allows it tochange its structure and function in response to what it senses, what it does and even what it thinks and imagines.” –  – Norman Doidge, The Brain That Changes Itself

How is it possible that Combat Brain TrainingTM (CBT) can make such a difference in just hours?

“The development of particular neurological connections or skills does not occur gradually over time. Instead such changes tend to occur suddenly, appearing in short intervals after robust stimulation, it is as if there is a single important trigger and then a functional circuit rapidly comes online.”  – Akira Yoshii, MIT brain researcher.

What about digital based brain training programs like Lumosity?

Digital programs like Lumosity only target a very narrow part of the brain, therefore while scores may improve on the games, meaningful real world results are very limited. In fact resent  research shows little or no world benefits. For example, the famous Dual N-back regimen developed by Jaeggi and Buschkuel often cited as proof of benefits, in fact showed little transference to real world benefits and in fact little evidence exists at all in subsequent attempts to duplicate any positive benefits. Another concern is the discovery of “digital dementia” caused by too much digital interaction from a young age since digital interfaces only impact the left side of the brain. I’ve found these same symptoms in adults who are surrounded by digital screens all day, primarily traders. Due to its “analog” non-digital format CBT engages all parts of the brain which is why significant real world improvements occur so quickly and can counteract the debilitating effects of digital dementia.

How does CBT work?

CBT uses a series of neuroplastic training tools used in a proprietary way to stimulate the brain in areas specific to processing incoming data using Progressively Accelerated Cognitive Exertion (PACE). This creates what neuroscientists call a “zombie system” at the Foundational mental processing level which underlies all our performance. At the same time the prefrontal cortex is targeted improving executive function and the robust stimulation increases post-synaptic receptors. This creates a state of Cognitively Primed Anticipation™, experienced as improved intuition or “sixth sense”. This reduces the need for conscious processing, reducing stress and increasing environmental awareness, working memory, focus and attention. Because the improvements occur at a foundational level, all areas of performance improve. Conducted in a team environment, communication, teamwork and group decision making are also significantly improved.

Why is CBT so unique?

CBT is based on Kennedy Consulting Group’s Mental Performance Training™ (MPT) program which utilizes a proven, proprietary operational process re-engineering methodology to train the brain to process incoming data much faster. KCG’s 3D™ project management methodology (Define, Design, Deliver) has been converted to Break it down, Think it through, EXECUTE! This helps the brain “think before acting”, but so fast that the person is unaware of it and can focus on execution.

How does CBT produce such a wide range of improvements?

The mental processes CBT improves are essential to any information processing regardless of type. Basically stimuli enters the brain, it is processed and then produces a result. Just like upgrading your computer with a faster processor which accelerates all your applications and operating systems, CBT “upgrades” your brain to accelerate the foundational thinking process.

How long does it take to notice the effects of CBT?

The brain changes incredibly fast. The robust stimulation provided by CBT can create more post-synaptic receptors in as little as 20 minutes. Most trainees report noticeable differences after just a few hours of CBT. These include improved focus, faster learning, deeper sleep, increased productivity, less stress and better focus.

What happens after the training? Will I lose the benefits?

Your heightened performance from CBT will become your new baseline, and you keep the exercises to use on your own – if you practice regularly for as little as a few minutes at a time, you will never go back to where you were before you started. They also become powerful pre-event tools for a quick mental boost. For example running through them for a few minutes before a meeting will increase focus, ability to think on your feet and your self-confidence.

Can I do these exercises with my family?

Absolutely! Not only can the training help your kids learn better, especially if they have ADHD, but provide a fun family activity that facilitates family communication. (see testimonial under Recovery)

Who can benefit from CBT?

Anyone with a brain!