Because of CBT's record of improving mental skills critical to reducing casualties in combat we are committed to working within the budget of any military unit. 

CBT has a 7 year record improving performance in the toughest of environments, the US military. Units trained include:

US Marines 3rd Division

  • Embedded Transition Team
  • 3rd Regiment
    • Regimental Staff
    • 2nd Battalion
      • Battalion Staff
      • 3rd Platoon, Golf Company
      • Forward Air Controllers
    • Regimental Schools
      • School Staff
      • Infantry Squad Leader School
      • Scout Sniper Course
    • Regimental Shooting Team
      • 2008 – 1st in Pacific Coast Matches
      • 2009 – 1st in Pacific Coast Matches
    • Wounded Warrior Battalion
      • TBI/PTSD Volunteers

US Marines 4th Division
  • 3rd Force Recon Battalion
US Marines Training & Education Command
  • Weapons Training Battalion
    • Scout Sniper Instructors
    • Marine Corps Shooting Team
      • Staff and Instructors
      • Marine Corps Rifle Team
      • Marine Corps Pistol Team
      • Marine Corps Combat Shooting Team
US Special Operations Command
  • Marine Special Operations Command
    • 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion
      • Battalion Staff
      • Alpha Company
      • Bravo Company 
  • Navy EOD 
  • Joint Special Operations Sr. Enlisted Academy
US Air Force Training Command
  • Vance AFB Flight School
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
  • Sr. Management Staff


"Skills exercised by Combat Brain Training are valuable to all Warfighters and are increasingly critical for coping with complexity on today's battlefields. The Marine Corps boasts a long legacy of encouraging mental agilities of our Marines. ... After going through your training I am convinced that MPT can increase our fitness for Warfighting through improved cognition.”

- Battalion Intel Officer, Marine Corps Staff Instructor

I had been out of the cockpit for over a year and I felt I was losing my mental agility. After just a few hours of MPT I feel I have it back! "

– F-18 pilot, Forward Air Controller

Decision making is one of the most important skills in Stalking since they have to constantly reassess and refocus in order to accomplish the objective. The youngest Marine in the class practiced MPT the most and scored highest scores in the school in Stalking, Marksmanship and Overall”
- Scout Sniper School Officer in Charge (OIC)

Marines had improvements in focus, in their ability to relax and clear their mind before shooting, could go through their shot process more easily since the training was allowing them to perform the steps subconsciously. This was from performing MPT exercises for just a couple days.”
- Marine Corps Shooting Team Office in Charge (OIC)

“We usually allow 24 hours to complete our 4 peak orienteering exercise, yet we were back by sunset – never happened before"
- Special Ops Commanding Officer

Usually 40%-50% of the class fails LandNav the first time and then some have to retest several times. “This time they aced the test! 44 out of 48 passed on the first try, the remaining four on second try. Best performance by far we have ever had at the school.”

"Normal range is low 80’s, the two MPT classes were 93 and 94!
Highest overall average scores in the history of the School."
- Infantry Squad Leader Class Chief Instructor

"I had the opportunity to observe John training Marines for several days. Hearing the direct feedback from the Marines and watching their improvement in performance was outstanding. The importance of this cannot be underestimated."
 - Government Contractor

I had not picked up a rifle for several years before my qual this year. I worked with John for two weeks and shot expert. This was my first time with an M-4 and RCO. Sh
ooting is the most mentally draining activity I have performed since flying a helicopter at night with instruments. MPT helped with the shooting, I wish I’d had it when I was flying.”
- Marine Captain, former pilot

"I have my men practice at the end of every day. It wakes us up and I know it will help us stay focused in Afghanistan..This will help us in our mission to “Train, Mentor, and Advise”
- Marine Col., Embedded Transition Team Commanding Officer

“MPT will make us stronger as individuals and also make us a safer group as a whole with a heightened sense of situational awareness and processing efficiency.”
“I can read faster and really tackle my assignments in class by focusing more effectively on the tasks at hand. It is improving hand eye coordination in the cockpit and memorizing where key instruments/switches are. I want to contact the naval Academy and get MPT started there. These exercises will be very helpful to young men and women at service academies.”
 - Ensign, USN Air Force Flight School student

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