PACE Neuroplastic Training is customizable to any environment!

From classroom to the field, in person or via video conference. Anywhere in the world, PACE Neuroplastic Training available as:

  • Individual Neuroplastic Coaching – in person or remote via Face Time or Skype, customized to accelerate the achievement of your personal goals.
  • Teams – conducted in a team environment, communication improves at a Foundational level of cognition, increasing teamwork and overall efficiency as well as raise performance. Teams trained include sports and military units, sales, customer service and executive teams. Scalable from 4-100.

The forthcoming book Zombie Thinking explains how we create the unconscious processes that determine our performance and how to recreate them to what we want. Keynotes are available on this and other topics including how to create positive neuroplastic environments for parents and business owners to creating Unconsciously Competent Leaders. All event speeches and activities include a sample neuroplastic training exercise.