CBT is the fastest, most powerful way to speed up your brain!

Digital brain training programs don’t work! Our mental capacity is already being diminished due to our increasing dependence on digital interfaces which take over the work our brains use to become “stronger”. Studies have repeatedly shown that digital based brain training programs like Lumosity produce minimal real world benefits and an overload of digital interfaces over time can create a condition neuroscientists call “digital dementia” because they only stimulate the left side of the brain, eventually resulting in loss of focus and memory.

CBT is the first and only non-digital Targeted Neuroplastic Training™ (TNT) program and incorporates portable hand held training tools that utilize all parts of the brain which directly links the faster brain to real world execution. In addition, the robust mental stimulation increases post-synaptic receptors, in effect increasing the bandwidth of the brain resulting in noticeable changes in just hours. To date over 2500 people have experienced CBT and 100% who follow the program report significant improvements in real world performance. Check out what people are saying about CBT!

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CBT utilizes the proprietary Mental Performance Training™ methodology PACE™ (Progressively Accelerated Cognitive Exertion™) to physically change the brain in just a few hours. The result is better focus and attention, improved executive function and working memory and accelerated mental and physical reaction times, resulting in better, faster intuitive decision making especially in stressful situations. The trainee experiences Cognitively Primed Anticipation™, a state where the brain is processing incoming data so fast that it actually “sees” further ahead, reducing the negative effects of data saturation.

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